Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I'm sure there's a song to be written from Fiona's packing blog.  Me, I'm carrying the tick remover!

Never mind, here's a preview of our programme to help you travel with us from your armchair.

Leave 8.30 

Edin - London - J’burg - Blantyre 

Arrive Blantyre at noon

Car and driver to meet us and drive to Likhubula
Be met by Committee

Both attend Likhubula CCAP church 

Pm meet Likhubula Committee

1 or 2
Visit to Mulanje.

Meet Jane M to discuss Goats Project
Visit market and Mount Mulanje Mission Hospital

1 or 2
Briefing with Mr S and Mr N re the current S4 bursars and issues for future selections

Visit to Chambe Secondary School to discuss Bursary Scheme and bring messages from Dunblane High School

Visit Goat Project

and Mvano (Guild)

Personal day -

Fiona and Jenni visit Hannah and Charles C handing over funds from Dunblane Road Race for sports development in schools

Visit sewing machine project

lunch with bursars

Can attend different churches. Jenni preach?

Pm meet the Chiefs

Meet and address Standard 7 learners.

Final meeting with Committee

Leave Likhubula at 10am.

Visit Chifundo Artisan's Network Project.
Joined by Father M. Stay in Balaka Catholic Women's Organisation

Travel to Monkey Bay + Cape Maclear.
Stay Fat Monkeys Lodge

Over 10/11 visit
Sinthana Community Learning Centre (supported by family of BS in Killin) +
graves of Livingstone’s missionaries

Travel to Blantyre
Overnight in Leslie Lodge 

Check-in 11.20 

Arrive Edinburgh 13.00 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Getting ready at Ramsay Drive

As the song says 'well my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...'  Well almost.  The bags are packed but I am waiting for our commissioned tea towels to be completed (with our partnership details on them) and some packages from Mary and then we'll be off.  Oh, I forgot, two more days of work to go......then we'll be off!

In the bags so far I have........

  • approximately 100 toothbrushes and tooth paste
  • 100 medals from the Dunblane Hydro Road Race
  • approximately 200 pens
  • 10 bars of lovely Arran Aromatic soaps for our Village Chiefs
  • gift bags
  • About 25 bars of regular soap for gifts
  • Mosquito spray by the gallon 
  • Clothes for me to wear (of course!)
  • First aid kits for gifts
  • A blank 'charity' cheque to give to Mr. Chiromo's cluster schools on behalf the Road Race
and of course...lots of other stuff.  I have no intention of bringing most of this back and filling my suitcase with all the gorgeous stuff I am planning to buy at Chifundo Artisans' Network!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Only a week to go

Next Friday, Jenni and I will be making the journey to Likhubula, Malawi as part of the Dunblane-Likhubula Partnership.  I can't wait!  It's been two years since I have been in Malawi and it has always held a special place in my heart.
This visit will be very productive and busy.  We will arrive at Likhubula House and spend 10 days there working with our partnership friends on a range of issues including meeting bursary pupils, visiting with the Guild, seeing the goat projects and so much.
On a personal level, we will also catch up with good friends Daytoney Malefula and Charles Chiromo and their families.  We will also visit Cape McLear, Lake Malawi and Chifundo Artisans' Network.
I am not sure what the internet access will be while in Malawi so this may be a 'post visit' blog.  Fingers crossed we will be able to keep everyone up to date on a daily or almost daily basis!