Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A warm welcome

We drove into Likhubula with excitement in our hearts. We stopped by Nancy’s Restaurant to say hello to a dear friend of Jenni’s before making our way up the hill to Likhubula House.  Who was waiting but members of our committee. Along the road, friends would look into the car and shout ‘That’s Jennbarr, welcome Jennbarr’ (note, all one word).  It was a special moment for Jenni to know that her friendship has not been forgotten in the 4 years that she has been away. 
We are staying at Likhubula House, Chalet 4 for the next 10 days.  It is excellent. We have a sitting room with wicker furniture, a kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom with three beds.  The floors are painted brick. There is plenty of space for us.  Up at the main centre, there are facilities for Wifi, meals and soft drinks.  It is a five minute walk up the hill) to the centre from our chalet and there are monkeys to spot.

After some packing it was an early night for us both.  We both slept well and woke with the alarm at 7: 15. Ready for our first full day.

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