Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 8 – Sunday

We were up early for church today. Well, a little earlier than we should have been. I was up ‘Malawi time’ at about 5:45. I had set my alarm for 6:30 forgetting we could have a lie in. Alarm went off and I woke poor Jenni up.  About half an hour later, we heard the church bells ringing and commented on how lovely they were. We couldn’t believe how improved the bells had become and how melodic they were.  About 15 minutes later Jenni went into the bedroom and came out laughing.  The sound of bells had actually been her alarm going off!!!
I was told be  at church for 9:00 am but no one (including the Session Clerk) arrived until about 9:20. We then went into the Vestry to plan the service!!  They have a structure in place but during this time, they plan the readings and order of choirs etc.  I had asked for Psalm 121 as it spoke of mountains.  I was asked for hymns but Jenni had said that a lot of the tunes don’t translate well. Instead, the session chose Rock of Ages, Amazing Grace and another one.
There weren’t as many choirs today  so it was a short service.  A lot of the session had to leave to go to Paper Sunday at another church. Paper Sundays are times when churches raise funds for their own building works etc and visitors come to donate. 
I think my sermon went well.  It was translated by one of the Session Clerks and I spoke slowly.  It was first for me that’s for sure!

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