Tuesday, 9 July 2013

It’s a great day for a white wedding

Today we had the honour of attending one part of a Malawian wedding and it was fun!!  Early this morning, the bride and groom held their ceremony in the church then went for lunch at Nancy’s restaurant.  From there, they headed up the hill to Likhubula House where they had some photos taken then down to an area just below our chalet. There was a lovely decorated marquee there and loads of chairs laid out. However, by  the time we arrived there must have been about 500 guests there!  A DJ played various tunes while the MC called different groups up to welcome the new couple.  While dancing in front of the couple, the dancers threw money at them!!!!  It was an incredible site. We were with some of our friends from the community so also got the opportunity to go up and dance in front of the bride and groom (we did a bit of a Highland Fling)  and throw our money.  Like in North America and the UK, the bride wore a lovely dress, there were flower girls etc, and a nice cake.  One difference was at the end of the event, they auctioned off bits of cake for more money!  I can’t wait to find out the total amount that the newly married couple received!
While at Mr. Kalipinde’s I also picked up a Malawian style outfit to wear to the wedding.  I had bought  a couple of metres of fabric and Mr. Kalipinde made me an amazing skirt and top!  I felt great at the wedding in national dress.  Jenni also wore an outfit she had bought in Africa on a previous trip and we both looked quite the part. 

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