Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tennis anyone?

It is not the easiest thing to follow Wimbledon in Malawi but Jenni and I have done well this trip.  One evening this week (quarter finals),  we parked ourselves outside the office up at the Centre and attempted to find some kind of live feed on the internet. No luck on any of BBC or Wimbledon sites but Jenni hit the jackpot on The Guardian site!  We spent an hour up in the dark, getting eaten by mosquitoes and were delighted to find out that our Andy had won.
We then started in earnest to figure out what we were going to do if Andy continued to play well.  Jenni and our driver did a reccie and on Thursday discovered that the Mulanje Golf Course had a satellite (slightly bigger than a NASA one) and for a joining fee of £2, we could get access to the tennis!
Friday night saw us at the Golf Course watching the tennis. We got to see a lot of the Del Potro/ Jokovich game and the first set of Andy’s.  Unfortunately the Club closes at 8 so we had to resort to our ‘in the dark Wifi tactic’.  Shattered from a long and emotional day, we decided that we wouldn’t be able to follow on the slow Wifi so put in a request to Scotland for an update text when the game was over.  We woke at 6 this morning expecting a text, but as it happens, this one was stuck in Malawi text cyber space and only made it to my phone at 9:30. Nevertheless we were delighted.
Today’s plans including having our bursars help us make a sign to encourage Andy.  They helped us colour it in and we have some great photos of it.  We also took it to our wedding (see following post) and have some photos from there.  Jenni will send an article to the Observer later this week. 
We are looking forward to the final.  We have another booking at the Club for Sunday and will enjoy some more Chicken and Chips and perhaps a wee glass of wine while cheering Andy on.  Come on Andy!!!!!

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