Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 8 – Well done Andy

What a great end to the week.  We headed over to the Golf Club and paid our £2 daily membership fee.  Knowing the ropes we headed to our room and settled in for a great match.  Drinks were ordered (a wee Malawian G & T to get us in the spirit) and we shouted and cheered as the game progressed. I think my text charges for today will be huge as I was texting back and forth to Scotland. I even chatted to Colin and Matthew when the game was over. Brilliant
Although it would have been nice to be in Dunblane to share the excitement (Colin tells me he and the kids took part in a party at the Golden Post Box), it was a memorable way to see Andy win the title.  We have converted Lawrence our driver into a tennis fan and there is a whole community in Likhubula that now knows about the amazing Andy Murray!

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