Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Lunch with Mr Nyambalo

I was given a special invitation by Mr. Nyambalo to go to his house after church. Mr. Nyambalo takes the English service (at 7:30) and is the Standard 7 teacher at school. He is such an interesting gentleman!  We had a lovely time chatting about education in Malawi and indeed the community in Likhubula.  Mr. Nyambalo believes that the influx of foreigners has made the young men in the community lazy.  He believes that the women work hard in the community, raising children, tending crops etc but the men are always waiting for a handout from foreigners.  While there Mr. Nyambalo asked me to sign his visitors book which is filled with visitors from all over the world!
Interestingly, Mr. Nyambalo’s wife wasn’t there.  She used to attend the CCAP church but a couple of years ago became ill with a very sore heel (sounded like Achilles).  Mr. Nyambalo said that they had prayed a lot but nothing had happened until they went to the Seven Day Adventist Church.  Apparently soon after she attended, her heel got better so she said she wanted and felt obligated to change church. She has also now changed her name to Alice to Miriam.  Very interesting indeed!!!

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