Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 9

Our last full day at Likhubula and a busy one.  Jenni headed off to Chambe to meet with the Dunblane/Chambe Partnership group.  Jenni was really pleased with the enthusiasm of the committee and their willingness to really have a go at trying to get the partnership up and running again.  She even got their promise recorded on her iPhone!! 

Our next meeting was with the village chiefs.  I had been responsible for securing the drinks and had gone down expecting Mrs. Chamwala’s shop to be open!  No!  It was a holiday. So the Chair person and I, Mr. Safari went to the market to locate 20 bottles of fizzy drinks.  It took a bit of effort and purchasing at two different places but we got them.
Our meeting with the chiefs went well. Altogether four out of the six chiefs came and were very positive about the partnership and its impact on the communities.  We discussed the Bursar scheme and their input and the Goats project (Chief Mbewe got two extra bars of Arran Aromatics soap for having the best goat success).  At one point one of the chiefs asked a question about if a bursar could get extra funding if they failed their final year and Jenni, in  a very loud and indeed demonstrative voice said ‘No!’. Gosh, there was some nervous laughter from she and I until the chiefs joined in!
We handed out some more soap and some pens and took some nice photos as we concluded.

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