Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day Five – Dinner with the Guild

Jenni and I arranged to meet the chairperson of the Guild and the Committee representative for dinner at Nancy’s restaurant. We picked them both up in the car and had a lovely evening.  Going to a restaurant isn’t common for a lot of the women in our community so this was a real treat. We had a great laugh discussing family, husbands, children  and lots more.  Nancy had made us pizza for a starter and some lovely local chicken (a bit tougher and dark meat throughout) and rice as the main course. We also introduced Stella and Eunice to European tea after dinner so we chatted over a cup of tea as the meal ended. 
Nancy joined us at the end of the meal and regailed us with tales of the restaurant and how she was trying to change the lives of women within Likhubula. She is such a great character and if you have read the McColl Smith’s Number 1 Detective Agency books, she is right out of them!!  A real pleasure to spend time with. 

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