Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Meeting our committee

Because of our lovely lunch, we were late for our first meeting!!  We had fallen into ‘Malawi time’ on our first day and as such, the committee were ready for us (just) when we arrived.  However, we were warmly welcomed and we got down to business.
Our main goal today was to go through the programme and get updates where appropriate.  We were delighted when the committee had a lengthy debate as to how they would like to take the selection process for the bursary programme forward.  Both Jenni and I were very happy to see all members of the committee discussing the issues and being ably led by the Chairman.  We truly believe that the projects are in good hands with this Committee.  We also discussed our other meetings that we will be holding this week including with the Head Teacher of Chambe High School, the bursars, the communities with the goats, the Guild and so many more!  It was a long meeting, finishing as the sun set at 5:30pm but very productive.
It was a refreshing walk up to the chalet. We had arranged to have a meal at the Centre but unfortunately our request must not have been confirmed as there was ‘no dinner at the Inn’. We had a quick go on the Wifi and returned to the chalet. We will eek out some dinner with some cereal which Jenni brought and then will get some supplies tomorrow when the banks and the shops are open.

It has been a lovely day today, full of friendship, fellowship and partnership.  We are looking forward to the days to come and all the adventures they will bring.  

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