Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Final thoughts on leaving Likhubula

Where do you start or in fact, can you at all?  The visit, as always, has had a profound impact on both of us. For Jenni, she is seeing very positive changes from when she first visited in 2005.  Water, healthier children etc. She is seeing old friends and of course, making new ones too.  For me, it was the feeling of truly being part of the community here.  There were times when each of us was working on a different project and walk down to the village on our own.  Shouts of Fyiona or JennBar resonated through the land from all ages of people regardless of which one of us it was walking by.  I really believe that we have made an impact during our short time here. Not only in the sense of projects, programmes and visits but almost more importantly, in terms of true fellowship, friendship and partnership.  The motto from our partnership is UMODZI, working together, and I think we have done this very well.

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