Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day Five Thursday

We started our day early today as our plan was to go to visit the various villages that were taking part in the Goat project.  We were due to meet at 8:00 am but before that I had an appointment to go see the Mary’s Meals project at the school.
Arriving at the school, I was so disappointed that there was no porridge being served.  There hadn’t been any the previous day either and when I spoke to the Head Teacher he said that it was because it had run out!  I said I would come back and speak to him later.
Jane from Mulanje Mission Hospital arrived and we crammed into the car (four in the back and 2 in front) to journey to the outlying villages.  Originally we had worked with the villages to develop a sustainable project to rear goats. Unfortunately some villages did not work well together and it failed.  Each village was required to build a kola (pen on stilts) to house the goats.  Unfortunately, because the kolas were looked after by everyone, no one actually took responsibility and the goats died.  The project now will focus on individual families looking after the goats.  As a new kid is born, the next family (in need and poor) will receive it and tend for it.  .  We are hoping that the next lot of goats will arrive in the villages soon. 

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