Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day Six- Sports Development

We headed into Mulanje for yet another trip to the cash machine. We no longer feel bad creating a queue behind us as we take out our various limits on each card. This time there was money in the bank and it seemed to go much smoother.
From there we drove back towards Blantyre to Thuchila Teacher Development Centre.  It was there that we were reunited with our good friend Mr. Chiromo who is now the Head Teacher of a primary school with 3000 pupils (and still very few classrooms).  We had a meeting with the Primary Education Officer then met the Thuchila Sports Development Committee.  Before coming to Malawi, the Dunblane Doubletree Hilton Road Race Committee kindly donated £2000 towards the development of sport in Malawi. The committee that was formed has come up with an excellent proposal that will allow 13 primary schools across the Thuchila Education Zone improve access to sports including netball, football and athletics. We were both very impressed by their organisation and ideas on how they  would take the project forward. We handed over a large cheque for photo opportunities as well as some medals and pens donated by the Dunblane Hilton. The committee will set up a bank account and the money will be forwarded to them then. 

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