Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day Six- Feels like home....

After our meeting at Thuchila we headed down a very bumpy and uneven road to Nakoma village to see the Chiromo family. For both Jenni and I it felt like coming home and it was with great warmth and friendship that we greeted Hannah, Promise and their other daughter Desire.  We sat for the afternoon chatting and reminiscing about friends and family.  Hannah had made a lovely lunch for us of rice and boiled eggs which we tucked into easily.  Charles also took us over the church which has improved greatly since we both had seen it last. The outside has been plastered as has the inside. They also have a lovely door with glass panes in it.  Charles told us a funny story about how someone had stolen the door and whilst they were standing looking at the empty space, someone walked by and heard about it going missing.  This same woman was later on a bus towards Blantyre when she saw the said door being transported away. She immediately made contact with Charles and a whole posse took off in chase of the door, some by bike and others by bus.  Low and behold, a few miles up the road, the door was abandoned by the roadside and was reinstalled later into the church!
Whilst at Nakoma, we went to visit the village chief.  Chief Nakoma is an incredible woman who I really admire. When I was last in Malawi I met her and although we are unable to communicate with each other, there is an understanding there.  We greeted each other with huge warm hugs and sat and smiled with each other.  Jenni said she could see how my Mum and I might have been together.
For both of us, it was a real sense of family today.  Hannah, at the end of the visit suggested a song to sing, Bind us Together.  Jenni reminded us all that this was the first song she had taught to the Standard 1 class when she visited Nansato School in 2005.  Charles commented that indeed we were all bound together like family. 

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